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Parallel Pen Wizardry Book

  • $25.00
  • This instructional book for the popular Parallel Pen will help you explore this very versatile calligraphy fountain pen.
  • You will learn cartridge tips and tricks and instructions for using other writing fluids: inks (including acrylics), watercolour, and gouache.
  • Includes a chart of waterproof inks that have worked well in the Parallel Pen.
  • Writing and drawing with the pen are explored, this includes monoline, flourishes, colour blending, expressive, experimental forms as well as writing on fabric.
  • A gallery of examples, a Gothicized Italic alphabet from Sheila Waters, Gothic Alphabets by Ward Dunham and an Uncial alphabet by Gina Jonas.
  • We also stock the full range of Parallel Pens, ink cartridges and supplies mentioned in this book.