• Cyrus' Favourite Nibs *

Cyrus' Favourite Nibs *

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  • This nib sampler provides some of my favourites pointed pen nibs for you to try. As with all pen nibs, the right nib for you will vary from user to user. This set lets you try the various brands we carry to determine which one is best for your pointed pen lettering. 
  • These nibs are used for pointed pen writing (for example, Copperplate), as well as for pen & ink drawing.


    This set includes 6 nibs in total:

    • 1 x Leonardt Principal EF Nib
    • 1 x Nikko G
    • 0 x Hunt 101
    • 2 x Hunt 22B
    • 1 x Gillott 303
    • 1 x Gillott 404

    Please note: HUNT 101 is currently out of stock, so you will receive TWO Hunt 22B nibs instead. Updated on 19th Jan 2022.


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