• Holbein Cake Colour for Sumi Painting

Holbein Cake Colour for Sumi Painting

  • $105.00

Create beautiful artwork and calligraphy with this traditional Japanese shin-gansai watercolour paint. The paint is made from carefully selected pigments and dissolves easily when you touch it with a wet brush.

This set comes with a stunning dark wood box with a sliding top panel. The box includes a tray for storing paint brushes and other painting supplies.

Set A includes 14 colours:

  1. Carmine (N301)
  2. Vermilion Hue (N302)
  3. Yellow (N304)
  4. Lemon (N305)
  5. Viridian Hue (N306)
  6. Compose Green (N307)
  7. Green (N309)
  8. Indigo (N313)
  9. Compose Blue (N315)
  10. Cobalt Blue Hue (N316)
  11. Blue Violet (N319)
  12. Yellow Ochre (N320) 
  13. Burnt Sienna (N323)
  14. White (N328)

Set B includes 28 colours:

  1. Deep Yellow (N303)
  2. Hooker's Green (N308)
  3. Light Green (N310)
  4. Olive Green (N311)
  5. Deep Green (N312)
  6. Prussian Blue (N314)
  7. Turquoise Blue (N317)
  8. Violet (N318)
  9. Raw Umber (N321)
  10. Burnt Umber (N322)
  11. Sepia (N324)
  12. Black (N325)
  13. Gold (N326)
  14. Silver (N327)
  15. Plus all the 14 colours in Set A

Set B (28 colours) is currently out of stock, ETA is February 2019.