Moblique 2 in 1 Penholder

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  • $13.90


  • Moblique is a 2 in 1 straight and oblique penholder featuring a secret compartment to hold nibs inside the body. 
  • All Moblique will come with one standard brass flange.
  • Nibs are NOT included.


About this product

  • Material: ABS Plastic.
  • Flange material: Brass.
  • Length: 170mm.
  • Nib compartment: 47.5mm x 7mm diameter (fits 2 Nikko G nibs).
  • Grip size: Fingers grip 10mm in diameter, widest point 13.8mm in diameter.
  • Weight: 8 grams.
  • Flange setting: Fits Nikko G nib without taking the flange out, it will be able to fit other nibs by taking the flange out, insert the nib and put the flange back in place.