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Finetec 22 Pearlescent + 2 Flip-Flop Colours

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  • Ideal for creating special effects and highlighting.
  • Thin with water to the proper consistency, and apply to your nib with a brush.
  • Product of Germany.
  • Please note: Coliro and Finetec are two different brands/companies.

Opaque Pearlescent Colours

These pearlescent colours show their intense brilliance and their unique lustre on the writing surface.


Flip Flop colours

Flip Flop colours fascinate especially on dark surfaces with their impressive colour variation. The innovative chameleon effect changes the colour tone according to the incidence of light and the perspective of the viewer within a broad spectrum. Your 3D objects can be staged very effectively. Product of Germany.

  • high opacity
  • highly pigmented
  • high lightfastness
  • excellent resistance

This price includes one metal case and one each of the following 24 colours:

  1. Crystal Gold
  2. Arabic Gold
  3. Pearl Gold
  4. Olympic Gold
  5. Royal Gold
  6. Bronze
  7. Hazelnut
  8. Golden Rosé
  9. Orange Copper
  10. Tangelo
  11. Ruby
  12. Red
  13. Purple
  14. Fuchsia
  15. Amethyst
  16. High Chroma Blue
  17. Caribbean Green
  18. Mint
  19. Silver
  20. Platinum
  21. Blue Silver
  22. Deep Black
  23. Patina (Flip-Flop)
  24. Twilight (Flip-Flop)