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Blackwing Special Edition - Era

  • $5.50
  • $6.50
- 15%
  • The Palomino Blackwing special edition pencils are released for celebrating the 10th anniversary of Blackwing’s revival. They are inspired by some of the earliest Blackwings ever produced. Each pencil features a dark grey barrel, iconic dark grey ferrule with a gold stripe, dark gold imprint, red eraser, and Blackwing's extra-firm graphite.
  • Beautiful Californian incense-cedar meets smooth Japanese graphite in the world’s best pencil. These make the most of the extra-firm core to give a line softer and darker than most pencils but still strong and long-lasting.
  • The beauty of the FSC-certified cedarwood may be hidden under its protective metallic black lacquer, but you can still appreciate it in the smell of the cedar.
  • This is one of the few wooden pencils have a replaceable eraser. The chunky rectangular eraser can also be extended as it wears down.
  • Become part of the cult of Blackwing with a Blackwing graphite pencil. These pencils were nearly discontinued in the 1990s but brought back to life by their legion of devoted fans. Blackwing has repaid us by bringing nearly a century worth of experience in making these pencils. Blackwing continues to support emerging creators as sales benefit music and arts in schools.
  • This price is for ONE pencil, box is not included.


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