• Broad Edged Nib Sampler

Broad Edged Nib Sampler

  • $13.00
  • This nib sampler provides some of the most popular pointed pen nibs available for you to try. As with all pen nibs, the right nib for you will vary from user to user. This set lets you try the various brands we carry to determine which one is best for your calligraphy journey. Nibs included are subject to change.
  • These nibs are used for Italic, Gothic, Foundational, Uncial, Carolingian writing.
  • This set includes: Brause Bandzug Nib 2mm, Leonardt Round Hand #2, Hiro Tape 2.0 and William Mitchell Round Hand #2. All nibs come with reservoirs. Total price if bought separately - $14.30. Now you pay $13.00.
  • This set is for right handers only.
  • The pen holder is not included.