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Cage Ring Reservoir (one piece)

  • $31.50
  • $35.00
- 10%
  • This accessory has a coiled compartment that stores up to 4 times more ink than the nib alone. Ideal for practicing, for long writing sessions, and making flourishing, all without the need to recharge the pen as often. The brass-ring and steel-coil reservoir adjust easily to fit different nibs.
  • Includes a manual with instructions for use and cleaning.
  • The Cage Ring Reservoir adjusts to fit Nikko G, Zebra G, Gillott 404, Gillott 303, Brause Steno 361 Blue Pumpkin, Hiro Leonardt 40 Blue Pumpkin, Hiro 700, Hunt 101, Leonardt Principal EF, and similar nibs.
  • Not recommended or Brause 66EF, this cage ring is too big for this nib.
  • Patent pending.
  • Product of USA.
  • This price includes one piece of cage ring reservoir, nibs are not included.