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Calligraphy Hot Foil Pen

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  • $80.00
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Calligraphy Hot Foil Pen

You can apply foil to cards, scrapbooks, real leather, synthetic leather, wood, plastic, fabric, and ribbon. Please note: Foil will not transfer on wax coated or greasy surfaces.

To get the most enjoyment and satisfaction from this pen, the angle between the tip and writing surface should remain constant when you are writing. Lines should be written from left to right, or top to bottom.

The metal pen tip can be sharpened with fine sanding paper.


The full set includes
  • ONE Calligraphy Hot Foil Pen.
  • ONE pen cap.
  • FIVE interchangeable tips: Broad 1.2mm, Extra Broad 3mm, Fine 0.8mm, Extra Fine 0.3mm & Round 2.5mm.
  • ONE pack of 30 sheets (10 x 15cm) of foil in 5 colours (gold, silver, red, blue & fuschia). 6 sheets per colour.
  • ONE pen tip lifter tool.


Please note
  • TWO pen colours available: Sky Blue or Rose Pink.
  • Hot Foil Pen requires three AA batteries (not included). Please use good brands new batteries for example, Energizer. Please note, the size of Duracell batteries are slightly bigger than other AA batteries, so they are not recommended.