• Calligraphy Paper Sample Sheet Pack B

Calligraphy Paper Sample Sheet Pack B

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  • $16.50
An affordable way to sample our A4 or A3 calligraphy fine papers, great for all levels of calligraphy. One page each from the following 19 labelled sheets. All papers were folded and cut into smaller pieces from the original papers, sizes vary between A5-ish and A6-ish.

  1. G. lalo Brause Calligraphy Premium Pad 125gsm
  2. G. Lalo Writing Pad 125gsm
  3. Rhodia Premium R 90gsm
  4. Rhodia 80gsm
  5. Tomoe River Fountain Pen Loose Sheet 52gsm
  6. Tomoe River Fountain Pen Pad 52gsm
  7. Magnani Place Card 260gsm
  8. Arttec Tracing Paper 110gsm
  9. Clairefontaine Paint On Pad 250gsm
  10. Parchment Paper 90gsm
  11. Bond Layout Pad 70gsm
  12. Bleedproof Pad 70gsm
  13. Life Stationery Notepad Plain
  14. LANA Dessin Pad 220gsm
  15. Mi-Teintes 160gsm
  16. Calligraphy Practice Pad White
  17. Calligraphy Practice Pad Black
  18. Canson Black Pad 240gsm
  19. Stonehenge Aqua 100% Cotton Black Watercolour Paper 300gsm


If you are after full-sheet papers, we also have Paper Sample A available.