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Copperplate Practice Pad by Logos Calligraphy

  • HK$550.00

This price is for TWO pads, one lowercase practice pad and one uppercase practice pad.


7.5" x 10.5" notepads (1 Lowercase and 1 Uppercase) with traceable letters, instructional letter breakdowns, and extra pages for your practice. These portable pads were thoughtfully created to help you build muscle memory and take your calligraphy to the next level! Perfect for those who are just getting into calligraphy or seasoned calligraphers who desire to refine their script.



These pads have been tested with Sumi ink, gouache, walnut ink, vermilion ink, and McCaffery's inks. You can also put a sheet of translucent paper over each page. That will help preserve the pages so you can use them again too!


About this product
  • Textured/gold-foiled wraparound cover
  • Exemplar Page
  • Basic Strokes
  • 50 pages for each pad
  • Traceable letters with instructional arrows as well as notes to help guide you through each letter
  • Extra pages for your practice
  • Perforated pages so you can easily tear your paper out
  • Imported from USA.
  • Designed by calligrapher, Younghae Chung (USA).