Finetec Colour Set - Galaxy

  • $52.00
About this product
  • Finetec Coliro will take you on a journey through the galaxy with this extraordinary "Pearlcolours Galaxy" special edition!
  • The trip starts during the first Sunbeams, goes past a Supernova and directly into Deep Space. You pass a mystical Dark Star and just barely escape a passing Meteor to bathe peacefully in the Moonlight upon your arrival. What a journey!
  • Finetec Coliro company have put a lot of effort into the design of the unique surface for this set.
  • Product of Germany.


The "Galaxy" set contains these six brand new Pearlcolours:
  • Sunbeam - Transparent glittering gold (mix with lots of water).
  • Supernova - Bright pink.
  • Deep Space - Nice, matte deep blue.
  • Dark Star - Sparkling black.
  • Meteor - Glittering grey (mix with lots of water).
  • Moonlight - Metallic light grey.