• J. Herbin Bleu Ocean 1670 Ink *

J. Herbin Bleu Ocean 1670 Ink *

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Packaged in a beautiful glass bottle, the limited edition J. Herbin 1670 Edition Anniversaire Ink commemorates the 340 anniversary of the company, the world's oldest producer of inks.

Formulated to pay homage to the maritime adventures of J. Herbin to the East, this bottle of Bleu Ocean ink is a heavily saturated, deep and complex blue. J. Herbin's most intense shade of blue, it tends towards a purple-dark blue as the line width broadens. It is highly recommended for any use personal or professional and though not as iridescent as some of J. Herbin's other inks, like Eclat de Saphir or Rouge Hematite, it offers a complexity of shading that can do wonders through a flex nib or the hand of a talented scribe.

The 50ml bottle is sealed with J. Herbin sealing wax and the colour of the wax is a good indication of the ink colour. It is a fairly thick ink so we recommend giving the bottle a quick swirl before filling.

All J. Herbin inks are pH neutral and non-toxic. They are water-based and therefore will run if wet. The inks are lightfast and made using only natural dyes. We recommend high-quality paper with J. Herbin Ink.

50ml, made in France.


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