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Khadi Handmade 100% Cotton Rag Paper - A4 (320gsm) - Pack of 20 sheets

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Khadi rag papers are made from recycled cotton t-shirts in Karnataka, South India. The cotton rag fibres give Khadi paper exceptional strength and durability, and each sheet of paper is hand made in a mould, producing a genuine deckled edge. The papers are sized internally and externally with a PH neutral size, making them suitable for printmaking, watercolour and all painting and drawing media.

  • A7 - approx 7 x 10cm
  • A6 - approx 11 x 15cm
  • A5 - approx 15 x 21cm
  • A4 - approx 21 x 30cm
  • A3 - approx 30 x 42cm


This price includes 20 sheets of A4 size (320gsm) White Khadi papers.