• Kolner Instacoll Activator 100ml *

Kolner Instacoll Activator 100ml *

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How to Use Instacoll Activator

  • Activate the dry and tackless Instacoll surface with Instacoll Activator using a cotton rag moistened with Instacoll Activator. Rub the moistened rag across the Instacoll film until a very thin and even size film results. This film must be so thin that drying occurs in less than two minutes. Now you can apply gold leaf to the activated surface for about 50 to 60 minutes.
  • Apply patent gold leaf (transfer gold leaf) by pressing and rubbing a cotton ball on the back of transfer paper. To continue gilding over a large surface, apply Activator over the next working surface. Overlap the Activator onto the just laid leaf to enable a seamless gilded surface. Always let the Activator dry before applying the next leaf.
  • After the entire surface is covered with metal, rub the cotton ball again over the entire surface, especially the overlaps in the gold leaf. After this you can rub the surface with a cotton ball in one direction to get a "burnished" gilded appearance.

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