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KWZ Calligraphy Ink - Blue Ink

  • $21.50
  • Handmade, water-based, permanent and waterproof pigment inks for dip pens only.
  • These inks are carefully designed in cooperation with Polish popular calligraphers to make calligraphy writing more enjoyable and easy. 
  • Suitable for both pointed pens, broad pens and brushes.
  • KWZ developed a stable mixture of particles so there is no need to shake or mix inks while writing.
  • Metallic Ink: Gold, Silver, Copper and Mercury Red
  • Pearl Ink - Pearl Blue and Pearl White
  • Non-Metallic Ink: White, Blue, Red and Black
  • Approx 25ml to 27ml per bottle.
  • Made in Poland.
  • Please note the actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your screen.