• Lettermate
  • Lettermate


  • $14.50
About This Product
  • An envelope addressing guide for those of us that have trouble writing in a straight line.
  • Made in USA.


The Original Lettermate
  • Size: 5"x4"
  • Material: Durable, translucent plastic for accurate placement on your envelope
  • Address Windows: Diecut windows for straight, evenly spaced lines every time
  • Fits a wide range of envelopes including square, A7, A6, and 4 Bar sizes.
  • Envelopes not included.


2nd Edition
  • This multi-functioning Lettermate features two die-cut sizes for unique applications & advanced design styles.
  • Use the sizes separately, or combine them for added visual interest.
  • The Lettermate's top 3 lines are smaller than our original size, and are perfect for return addresses & postcards.
  • The 2 larger windows on the bottom, are great for accent words, oversized envelopes, or boxes.
  • The small and large windows can also be used together! Variations in size and text styles can help add visual interest to your design. The possibilities are endless!