• Manuscript Modern Calligraphy Set

Manuscript Modern Calligraphy Set

Calligraphy has made a huge comeback in 21st Century and is the ideal hobby for men, women and children of all ages. The Manuscript Modern Calligraphy range is the most stylish way to get started. With three options available, you can begin to create your own style. This Oblique Modern Calligraphy Set features everything you need to master this style of calligraphy. With a classic black pen holder with gold extruded clip, 3 pointed Leonardt nibs and a bottle of black ink, there's no more fashionable way to make a start in art! Also includes a basic instruction to get you started. Made in the UK.

This set contains one metal case container, one oblique penholder, one black ink, one basic instruction and one each of the following nibs:

  • Leonardt Principal EF Nib
  • Hiro Leonardt No. 40 Nib - Blue Pumpkin
  • Leonardt No. 30 Nib