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Mini Plastic Nib Container (Empty)

  • $1.50
  • A perfect gift or a great way to organise your nibs, coins and other small items, with a 'kiss lock' closure.
  • Nibs are not included.
  • This price is for one plastic container only.
  • Internal width 3.2 cm
  • Internal length 3.2 cm
  • Internal diagonal length 4 cm
  • The plastic container is rather small compare to the metal nib tin, due to its tiny size, nibs will have less and limited room to rattle within the container.

To give you an idea...
  • One container can store about 5 to 6 Nikko G nibs (or similar size nibs).
  • One container can store about 4 to 5 Brause Bandzug Broad nibs.
  • One container can store about 1 to 2 Brause Steno 361 Blue Pumpkin nibs, but the nibs have to put like the photo, tin can still be closed nicely.
  • One container can store about 20 to 25 Brause 66EF, these nibs are tiny anyway.