• Nib & Pen Wipe - 5 Pack

Nib & Pen Wipe - 5 Pack

  • $12.00
  • A First for the Calligraphy Community a Wipe Developed Specifically for Nibs!

  • 100% Lint Free.
  • 8" x 10" in size.
  • Extremely Soft Cloth with low particulate count means you don't contaminate your inkwell with fibres.
  • Developed specifically for water-based inks, but solvent safe.
  • Ink is absorbed into the middle of the wipe, leaving the surface usable to wipe again.
  • One side is a smooth texture and the other has a quilted texture, allowing you to choose a texture preference.
  • Similar thickness to a name brand paper towel.
  • Each wipe lasts longer than one roll of paper towels, reducing waste.
  • 10 times stronger than a paper towel.
  • 1/10 the thickness of a chamois cloth.
  • Specs: ISO Class 5 Safe, Thermally Bonded, Polypropylene, Non-Woven FIber.
  • Manufactured by a company that makes Cloth for Clean Room Environments (Operating Rooms, Computer Labs, Etc) where a lint-free environment is crucial!.


"These wipes were something I developed for myself out of need. I got tired of picking lint and fuzz off of the end of my pointed pen nib. It seemed I spent more time cleaning my nib end than I did writing. I found a product which worked but wasn't just quite right for absorbency of the inks I use. After working with the company on the exact application, they developed a wipe which was perfect! This wipe is available nowhere else in the world." 

"My suggestion for use is to fold in half and then in half again resulting in a "quartered" wipe. I use one surface until full and then flip over. Once that area is full, I unfold and fold back the other direction, leaving two new surfaces to use. I practice about 2 hours each day and each wipe last me about one month. Keep using until it just won't hold any more ink and then throw away."

- Christopher J. Yoke