ONLINE - One on One: Traditional Copperplate Minuscules (Lowercase)

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LEVEL: Absolute Beginner​
LANGUAGE: English, Cantonese or Mandarin (all class notes will be in English)

This is tailored for people who are interested to learn one of the most beautiful and elegant styles - Copperplate Minuscules (Lowercase).

No prior calligraphy or lettering experience is necessary, just lots of patience and enthusiasm! This workshop is suitable for those with no experience as well as those who want to refine their existing skills.

This online class has a flexible schedule which will be chosen and agreed by both the student and the teacher. The entire class will run for 3 hours or we can divide the class into two sessions: each session runs for 1.5 hours. For example, you can choose to have a 3-hour class in one day, or you can choose to do session 1 today (1.5 hours) and session 2 another week, so that you have time to digest and practise at home. To make an appointment, please email me at, including your preferred day/time, I will reply to you within 24 hours, or probably sooner.



  • An introduction to the materials, tools and how to set them up.
  • Learning how to load the nib with inks.
  • Execution and ink flow problems.
  • Writing posture and pen grip.
  • Fundamental strokes of lowercase letters.
  • Forming the lowercase alphabet (minuscules) and thoroughly understanding the shapes of minuscule letters.
  • Receive personal one-on-one guidance and correct your mistakes along the way.
  • Homework will be given (optional) and feedback will be given.



  • A smartphone or tablet, for example, an iPhone or iPad.
  • Video chat app, for example, Skype.
  • Fast internet.
  • Basic calligraphy materials: Penholder, ink, nib and smooth papers. If you are just beginning your calligraphy journey, it is recommended to purchase our Calligraphy Beginner Kit that includes everything you need.
  • Class notes and guidelines will be emailed to you a few days prior to the class for you to download and print out yourself.



  • WORKSHOP FEES ARE STRICTLY NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of personal circumstances changing after booking. 


Student Review:

"I enjoyed the class so much!!! Cyrus has his own way of teaching that is so easy to understand and practice. Very well paced, he is not rushing through the session at all. Very well worth your time!" - by Linh N. (Facebook - July 2019)


"Cyrus thankyou so much for a truly wonderful experience, my journey in copperplate has begun all thanks to you, I can't believe how passionate and professional you are about calligraphy, but it shows as soon as I walked into your shop "NOT JUST A CARD". People need to go and try one of Cyrus' classes you will not be sorry and the information you receive is given in a humble but highly skilled format. I never picked up a dip pen before last w/end but have been practicing since then due to Cyrus teaching and encouragement, his shop is like Willy Wonkas but Cyrus Calligraphy, lastly Cyrus is a genuine gentleman thanks again, so grateful." - by Gavin R. (Google Review - Feb 2020)


"This store is truly amazing! So much to choose from and Cyrus has everything a calligrapher could want. It’s so hard to find a shop that has the range and it’s great to be able to view products before you buy. Cyrus is so fantastic too, so helpful and accommodating any needs or concerns you have with calligraphy. He offers first class workshops that is certainly worth checking out. Once you visit his shop you just want to keep returning." by Carole M. (Google Review - Jan 2020)