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Tomoe River Fountain Pen A4 Loose Sheets

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This exquisite paper from Tomoe River (Tomoegawa) is known for its ultra-thin, smooth 52gsm delicate pages that is fountain pen friendly with an unusually high resistance to bleed-through and feathering. This reliable product includes 100 loose sheets of blank A4-sized paper that is acid-free and pH neutral coming from FSC-certified forests.

Tomoe River paper is perfect for professional or personal use, adding a special touch to all handwritten correspondence. The first page of the tablet is a sheet of blotter paper, which you can use to stick in between pages as they dry.

Tomoegawa Paper Company are a 100-year-old paper manufacturer from Japan who spent over five years in the 1980s conducting research on various materials before producing the Tomoe River paper. 

This paper is eco-friendly as well - the pulp used to make it comes from sustainable forests.

100 loose sheets, White, 52 gsm, Acid-free, pH neutral. Made in Japan.