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Artist and Illuminator Gilding Bridge

  • HK$320.00

The artist or illuminator gilding bridge is a essential tool for delicate gilding, lettering, and painting work. Resting your hand on the stable, wooden bridge provides excellent support and control, allowing you to add fine details without smearing or smudging the wet areas.

Crafted from beech wood, this gilding bridge measures approximately 30.5cm in length and 7.5cm in width, providing a generous surface area to support your hand. The sturdy, rigid construction maintains a steady hand, making it easy to paint straight lines with a liner brush.

Due to the natural variations in wood, the exact color and grain pattern may differ slightly from the photo, giving each bridge a unique character. This is the perfect accessory for artists, calligraphers, illuminators, and anyone working on delicate gilding or painting projects that require a steady, supported hand.