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About Us

Shop History

Not Just A Card was founded by Cyrus Pang in 2014. He began with selling handmade calligraphy cards and plates at Sunday markets in Melbourne, Australia. Meanwhile, he started teaching calligraphy.

In June 2016, he opened a small online business dedicated to providing professional calligraphy materials to calligraphers in Australia and New Zealand. 

In January 2019, he opened a brick and mortar retail shop in Carnegie, Melbourne, Australia. However, due to the impact of the global pandemic COVID 19, he decided not to renew the lease nor looking for a new location, and the last day of the retail shop was Thursday, 24th December 2020. After the Christmas break, he continued to run the business from home as an online service and ship orders as usual.

In January 2023, the shop base was moved from Australia to Hong Kong and a new calligraphy specialty retail shop was opened in Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong.

His shop includes the fundamental items plus a full range of calligraphy tools and supplies for both broad-edge and pointed pen calligraphy. The wide range includes Nibs, Penholders, High-Quality Writing Papers, Calligraphy Markers, Inks & Gouache from all over the world as well as other calligraphy tools and accessories.

His aim is to provide a specialty shop for calligraphy lovers and artists. Look forward to serving you!




About The Calligrapher

Cyrus moved to Melbourne from Hong Kong during his childhood and graduated from RMIT University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Design. He later completed a master's degree in Visual Communication at Monash University.

In 1997, he first discovered calligraphy when he was in Hong Kong before he came to Australia. Italic, Gothic and Foundation scripts were introduced briefly in class, and he has not been able to stop since. He is a member of the Calligraphy Society of Victoria (CSV) in Melbourne, Australia and a member of the White Box Studio in Hong Kong.

No matter how digital this world has become, handwritten calligraphy is irreplaceable due to the human element it brings. Nowadays, more and more clients are seeking a hand-made aesthetic rather than a computer font which can be replicated by anyone with access.

Cyrus is very grateful and blessed to be doing what he loves. He treats every commission as a new journey and he will strive to make your special day as exquisite as you have always envisioned it to be!


Brands and Corporates

  • Valentino (Australia)
  • Kit Kat Chocolate (Australia)
  • Officeworks (Australia)
  • Dan Murphy's Liquor (Australia)
  • Dulux Paint (Australia)
  • Footscray Lacrosse Club (Australia)
  • Savoy Hotel Melbourne (Australia)
  • Mirvac Investment (Australia)
  • Grays Fitness (Australia)
  • AIA Insurance (Hong Kong)
  • White Box Studio (Hong Kong)



Calligraphy Society of Victoria joint exhibition

  • Behind the Lines, August 2015 @Gasworks, Albert Park, Australia
  • Workshop Works, September 2016 @Carmelite Library, Middle Park, Australia
  • Kalli-grams, February to March 2019 @Docks Gallery, Docklands, Australia
  • Words of Wisdom, October 2021 @Gasworks, Albert Park, Australia


    White Box Studio joint exhibition

    • Drops Art, September 2018 @The Galley of Modern Arts, Kučevo, Republic of Serbia
    • Symphony III, October 2018 @Jockey Club Creative Art Centre, Hong Kong



    • 2014 - Red Hill Market, Victoria, Australia
    • 2016 - 2019 Melbourne Pen Show, Malvern Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia
    • 2016 - 2019 Summer School in Winter, Parkville, Melbourne, Australia
    • 2017 - 2018 West Hawthorn Uniting Church, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia
    • 2017 - 2018 Sydney Pen Show, Lighthouse Gallery, Maritime Museum, Sydney, Australia


    Calligraphy Demonstrator

    • 2014 - 2015 - Melbourne Pen Show, Melbourne, Australia
    • 2015 - Bundoora Park Heritage Expo, Melbourne, Australia
    • 2015 - CSV's exhibition, Gasworks, Melbourne, Australia
    • 2018 - Pilot Pen 100th Anniversary, Martin Place, Sydney, Australia
    • 2019 - Quill and Craft Show, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia
    • 2022 - White Box Studio, Jockey Club Creative Art Centre, Hong Kong




    本店創辦人兼導師Cyrus是土生土長的香港人,1997年開始接觸西洋書法。後到澳洲求學,在墨爾本居住了20年,其間積極參與當地書法講座和向多位世界知名書法家求學。曾在澳洲、塞爾維亞、香港等地參與多個美術團體畫展。2014年創辦Not Just A Card (Australia),開始在澳洲推廣西洋書法,以面授形式教學。2016年在澳洲成立網店,2019年在墨爾本開設地舖門市實體店。2023年在香港開設西洋書法工作室。可在Google上搜尋Not Just A Card Australia,全部5星評分。

    • 1997年 - Cyrus 開始接觸英文西洋書法,包括斜體Italic和哥德體Gothic
    • 2014年3月 - Not Just A Card 正式成立,開始在澳洲墨爾本推廣及製作各式賀卡,在周日手作市集出售。同年開始推廣西洋書法,以面授形式教學
    • 2016年6月 - 網店成立,在網上出售英文書法用具,主要客源來自澳洲本土和紐西蘭
    • 2019年1月 - 在墨爾本開設地舖實體店
    • 2020年12月 - 受到新冠疫情影響及租約剛好期滿,只好結束實體店,但繼續在家中經營網店
    • 2023年1月,於香港長沙灣區開設實體店及網店