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Kemper Fluid Writer Dotter

  • HK$250.00
  • This Fluid Writer is also known as 'dotter' or 'dotting tool'.
  • It has been designed to give you a dripless, flawless, consistent width line that works with various mediums on any surface.
  • The pen is fed by a reservoir which you can drop ink, gouache, watercolour, Pearl Ex, Finetec, acrylic ink, etc into the well and it flows smoothly.
  • Allows you to use professional colour in a monoline tool for fine art pieces.
  • Large tip - approx 0.49mm.
    Small tip - approx 0.26mm.
  • This price is for ONE pen only.
  • Each pen comes with ONE stem cleaner to keep the tip clear from particles or other debris.
  • Made in USA.