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SOAP Ink Stirrer Version 4

  • HK$570.00
  • Soap Calligrapher Ink Stirrer V4 is getting even better! Luis Creations has made significant improvements, including the addition of USB-C power compatibility and the option to run on batteries for increased convenience.
  • This 4th version of Soap has a high spinning speed 900 to 3600rpm, the previous 2nd version was 600 to 2400rpm, the 1st version was 600 to 900rpm.
  • Each stirrer comes in a tin box and includes 1 glass bottle, 2 stir bars (one large 15mm and one small 10mm). 1 USB-A to USB-C cable. Batteries are NOT included.
  • The stirrer is ideal for mixing different colours of ink in the jar.
  • To avoid pigment powder settling down at the bottom of the jar by the motion of stirring. To save you time from stirring the ink yourself, so you can concentrate on your writing.
  • This portable batteries operated stirrer is ideal for use at home studio, workshop as well as on-site calligraphy jobs, it's also handy when you are travelling.


Please note

  • Any similar size of bottle with base no larger than 40mm diameter can be used with the Soap as long as the base is 'flat'.



The big stir bar generates stronger stirring action, good for stirring thick ink like acrylic ink or mixing metallic powdered ink, the small stir bar generates smoother action for stirring light ink. When the stir bar jumping inside the bottle instead of spinning quietly in the middle, this indicates the speed is too fast. Turn the thumbwheel to the left to slow down the spinning speed, or turn it off and on again.


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