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Blackwing Two-Step Pencil Sharpener (Black)

  • HK$90.00
  • HK$0.00
    • The upgraded Two-Step Long Point Sharpener features Blackwing's reliable two-step sharpening system inside of a sleek new package. Even though this new sharpener feels much smaller in your hand, it holds the same amount of shavings as its predecessor thanks to some optimisations to the shaving compartment. Improvements to the design mean the lid also stays shut now when you use it.
    • The Two-Step Long Point Sharpener creates a long point using a two-step sharpening process, first sharpening the wood and then precision sharpening the graphite core. It features a matte rubberised finish for added grip, and the same German steel blades you have come to expect.
    • Size: 2.3 x 3.2 x 5.4cm.
    • Suitable for Blackwing pencils, and pencils less than 8mm diameter.
    • This price includes one sharpener only, pencils are not included.