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Brause Reversible Holder - with 511 nib

  • HK$44.00
  • Brause reversible pen holder.
  • A slim plastic holder for small nibs.
  • Ideal for Copperplate/Spencerian scribes, mapping and drawing work
  • The nib is stored inside the holder to protect it.
  • You pull out the cylinder of metal that protrudes from the holder (this can take some effort) and re-insert the cylinder into the holder with the nib on the outside. 
  • Holds the Gilliott 270, Gillott 271. The nibs (pen points) are held inside the metal cylinder that extends out the end of the holder when the 511 is stored inside the holder. 
  • Holds the Gilliott 270, Gillott 271 and similar sizes tightly. Regular penholders with the four prongs in the ring do not hold these small nibs tightly, allowing them to wiggle. 
  • Lucky dip colour.
  • Product of Brause.
  • This price includes one penholder and one Brause 511 nib.