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Excel Embossing Pounce Craft Wheel Piercing Tool Set

  • HK$350.00
  • 100% Made in the USA with an aluminium handle and interchangeable hardened steel serrated tracing wheel heads, can be used for tracing lines on paper, cardboard, foam, fabric, soft metals, and more.
  • Perfect perforated cutter for hobby, arts and crafts, sewing supplies, and industrial uses. Used for tracing, pattern making, marking, quilting, sewing, woodworking and other transferring applications.
  • Versatile interchangeable heads can be locked for straight line work or loose to allow for circles or curved designs.
  • Convenient set includes three different head sizes: 1/4″” wheel (24 teeth per inch), 5/16″” wheel (18 teeth per inch), 7/16″” wheel (14 teeth per inch).
  • For gilding/illumincation purposes: Transfers designs to flat or uneven surfaces.