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Kolner Instacoll Gold Size - 30ml

  • HK$145.00
  • Instacoll is a synthetic size for raised, mirror-finish gilding with gold leaf. Many people have found it easier to use than traditional gesso made from slaked plaster. Yellow colour allows you to see where you have applied.
  • The drying and open time of this adhesive depend on the kind of material, the ambient air temperature and the air humidity. 
  • Intacoll is stored in a 30ml Nalgene dropper bottle.


Directions for using Instacoll

  1. Lay the Instacoll with a brush. Because Instacoll is an acrylic base, it has a high surface tension which means it is somewhat 'slimy' and flows much better from a brush than a pen.
  2. After you have laid the Instacoll, let it dry approx half an hour. Please note that how long the Instacoll should dry before you gild on it, varies depending on two factors: how thick you laid the base and how humid the room is. The loose rule of thumb is that you can lay the gold as soon as the base is tacky. It does not have to set up hard or dry completely. If you wait too long, the gold does not adhere.
  3. Lay your patent gold leaf. Use your finger as a burnisher and put the gold on the base.
  4. Use a cotton ball or silk cloth to burnish the gold and then remove the excess.