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Oblique Holder with Adjustable Screw and Ink Clip

  • HK$450.00
  • This wooden holder (oak) works with most pointed nibs without further adjustments to the flange.
  • Place your nib on the flat tray of the steel flange and tighten the screw with your fingers to secure the nib in place.
  • The thumb-screw has a spherical head.
  • The ink clip allows the nib to hold 3 to 4 times more ink than the nib alone! It is attached to the backside of the flat-tray flange and works with almost any nib. The reservoir is designed for this oblique holder; it is not a universal reservoir. Stainless steel.
  • This price includes one oblique pen holder and one ink clip only, nib is not included. (We do not sell the ink clip separately.)
  • Imported from Russia.
  • Due to the nature of wood, the designs/patterns/colours may vary and look different from photos.