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Pearl Ex Powder

  • HK$35.00
  • Versatile powder mixes into ink with the addition of water and gum arabic.
  • Can also be added directly to ink to give that ink pearlescence and shine.
  • Pearl Ex creates a metallic effect without being a real metal - it will never tarnish or fade.
  • The different particle sizes produce different effects, from a smooth pearly luster, to a highly metallic sheen.
  • Product of USA.


What is the ratio to mix Pearl Ex into ink?
  • 4 parts pigment
  • 1 part gum arabic (either liquid or powder)
  • 4 parts water
  • Test your ink to find the right consistency which works with your nib and your writing style


Can you mix Pearl Ex to other inks?

Yes, you can! For examples, you can mix Brilliant Gold Pearl Ex with Dr. Ph. Martin's Copperplate Gold to bling it out. You can also add metallic gouache with Pearl Ex to boost the shimmer.


Gum Arabic

To make ink from Pearl Ex Pigments and water, you HAVE TO add gum arabic. This is the only component that binds the Pearl Ex Pigments to the paper/surface. Without gum arabic, the pigments would wipe away when the ink is dry.



Bien Fait Calligraphy