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Pentel Colour Brush Pen For Modern Calligraphy

  • HK$40.00
  • Large Japanese style brush with water-based and brightly coloured ink.
  • You squeeze the pen to control how much ink is in the brush tip and this is the joy of using these pens.
  • Ink flows easily, dries quickly, and produces transparent watercolour effects.
  • Nylon brush tip holds good shape for drawing detail or with pressure can cover larger areas.
  • Larger brush tip and larger ink capacity than the PENTEL Pocket Brush Pen.
  • Portable and fun to use. Also popular for calligraphy.
  • Refillable with Pentel refill or you can refill with other water-based inks. 
  • As water-based inks are not waterproof or archival, suits applications where work will be digitally scanned or stored away from light.
  • Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your screen.