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Pilot Plumix Italic Gothic Script Fountain Pen

  • HK$130.00
An inexpensive and good calligraphy cartridge (fountain) pen. The Medium tip (approx. 0.8mm) gives good thicks and thins. The barrel is translucent with a clear grip area, so it is easy to see when you are low on ink. Choose barrel colour: Black (Dark Grey), Purple, Blue. Each pen comes with one Black cartridge. The Plumix uses Pilot Parallel Pen Cartridges or Pilot Converter.
  • Medium flat Italic nib.
  • Tip is between 0.8mm and 1mm.
  • Easy visibility of ink.
  • A smooth writing nib.
  • Capped - Screw on.
  • Each pen includes one blue ink cartridge.
  • For refill cartridges, use Pilot Parallel Pen cartridges.
  • Product of Japan.