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Pratik Arabic Calligraphy Pen Set

  • HK$1,150.00

About this product

  • Handmade in Turkey.
  • Wooden handle.
  • The nib is made of stainless non-rust metal, nickel alloy. 

    This set contains one each of the following pens and one leather case.

    • 5mm
    • 6mm
    • 7mm
    • 8mm
    • 9mm
    • 10mm
    • 11mm
    • 12mm
    • 13mm
    • 14mm
    • Leather roll up case


    Which side should be used?

    • As you write, the branding on the handle should be facing upwards.


    How to fill the pen?

    • Bottled ink - Dip the nib into the ink and shake the nib very gently. This will hold the optimum amount of ink and excess ink will not drop on the page.
    • Brush - You may fill the Pratik Pen with a brush, dropper or pipette.


    How do I set up?

    • There should be a cushion of blotting paper or leather underneath the paper on which you wish to write or draw using the Pratik Pen.


    The pen isn't working properly...

    • Make sure the metals blades are in equal contact with each other. If one of the metal blades is slightly misaligned, gently press on the sloped flange on a page till the blades are in equal contact.


    If the nib is snagging on the paper

    • If a new pen is scratchy or the writing tip is rough, rub the tip back and forth on a very fine sandpaper or Wet or Dry abrasive paper - between 1000 and 2000 grit.


    How to clean the pen?

    • Scrub the nib with an old toothbrush and water. Be gentle or you may damage the pen. Dry using a soft cloth or paper towel.