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Yoke Pen Co. Professional Pliers

  • HK$290.00
  • Professional Oblique Nib Flange Adjusting and Forming Pliers made by Yoke Pen Co. in USA.
  • Made of high-quality Tool Steel.
  • Long Lasting Hinge Construction.
  • Black Rubber Comfort Grips.


Round Nose Pliers
  • Used for reshaping the nib flange of an oblique to a new nib shape.
  • Also used for shaping new sheet metal stock to the arc shape required for a proper nib flange. 
  • You should use the small diameter jaw extension for the arc shape. (3mm side).
  • Overall Length: 7".
  • 3mm & 5mm Diameter Jaws.
  • This price includes 1 Round Nose Pliers only.


Flat Nose Pliers
  • Used for crimping corners on nib adjustments.
  • Used for creating the right angle bend next to the arc on a new nib flange.
  • Used for creating the flared ends on a Zanerian Style Flange.
  • Overall Length: 6-3/8".
  • Jaw Width: 11/16".
  • This price includes 1 Flat Nose Pliers only.