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Sailor Shikiori Brush Pen

  • HK$95.00

The Sailor Shikiori Brush Pens are a new collection of brush pens that perfectly match the colorus of the Shikiori bottled ink range.

  • Spring Set (Waka-uguisu, Sakura-mori, Yozakura, Nioi-sumire, Miruai)
  • Summer Set (Fuji-sugata, Souten, Yodaki, Doyou, Rikyucha)
  • Autumn Set (Kin-mokusei, Yamadori, Yonaga, Okuyama, Chushu)
  • Winter Set (Shigure, Yuki-akari, Shimoyo, Irori, Tokiwa-matsu)

The Shikiori brush pens are double-sided, with a brush pen at one end and a fine pen at the other. The brushes are softer than similar pens, making it easy to produce lines of varying thickness. These brush pens are ideal for lettering, calligraphy, journaling and illustrations.

Product of Japan.