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Tachikawa T-40 Straight Pen Holder

  • HK$110.00
  • This holder is compatible with both regular and round nibs
  • The holder features special double rubber rings at the tip
  • The inner ring can take smaller round nibs (for examples: Hunt 104, Brause 511B and Brause 66EF) and the larger ring can take regular nibs (for examples: Brause Rose 76, Brause Sténo 361, Nikko G and Leonardt Principal EF)
  • Please note: this penholder is NOT suitable for Brause Bandzug Nibs.
  • The rubber grabs the nibs tightly, preventing shifting when drawing
  • The cap is a great addition, enabling you to carry it away from the studio but also to just protect it when not in use
  • Product of Japan