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Tim's Folded Pen Set of 5

  • HK$1,600.00

These pens are handmade, unduplicated in all the world. They are folded metal dip pens, not fountain pens, and are intended for expressive, calligraphic marks rather than routine handwriting. They're easier to use than screw-gap ruling pens. Also, a book artist Tim Ely has found, if you load the pen nib with a brush, you'll be able to write or draw quite a while without re-dipping.

The wooden shafts are turned from found hardwood bits and shards, long aged. Finishing is a multi-step natural process culminating in the application of tinted oil and rubbed wax. Nib holders are thin-walled brass pipe. And the nibs themselves are formed from recycled metal cans, hammered, folded and hand-ground into designs that deliver several line widths, depending on the angle at which they touch paper. Very sustainable objects, these pens. They are lovely to look at, remarkably utile and with care should last a lifetime.

About This Product
  • A full set includes one Radius, one Dagger, one Argentine, one Mini-Radius and one Coras.
  • Handmade in USA.
  • Each pen is unique and one of a kind.


Nib Styles
  • Argentine: This nib has a deeper arc and a flat section toward the tip. Good for dramatic thick and thin effects.
  • Dagger: This nib looks like a knife blade. On its tip, it makes fine lines. Its main function is to produce broad, wet strokes with its flat side. 
  • Mini Radius: An elongated version of the Radius nib, this nib is useful for smaller, more delicate marks.
  • Radius: The standard nib, the tip produces thin lines. Rotated down onto the arc, it produces ever wider marks. 
  • Coras: Intended for letters requiring a lot of nib manipulation.