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Titanium Zebra G Fountain Pen (USA)

  • HK$350.00
Pen Colour
  • Fill this fountain pen with fountain pen ink and write continuously without dipping into ink!
  • The feed was custom designed for the Titanium Zebra G nib so the pen does not leak.
  • You can change a new Titanium Zebra G nib when it wears out and a kit with complete instructions are included. Nib changing is not complex, however it has to be done with some care.
  • A 2ml sample of fountain pen ink also includes with the pen.
  • This fountain pen is user-friendly and many testers give this pen a thumb-up and loved it.
  • This price includes: One fountain pen with Titanium Zebra G nib, custom converter, 2ml sample ink and a complete nib changing instructions.
  • Ideal for Copperplate, Spencerian, Modern Calligraphy as well as everyday drawing, writing, sketching, etc…
  • Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your screen.
  • Imported from USA.