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Tom Norton Walnut Darkening Medium Drawing Ink 30ml

  • HK$82.00

Tom Norton Walnut Drawing Ink is not made from walnuts but replicates the beautiful warm brown colour of the walnut ink used centuries ago by artists like Rembrandt and Leonardo Da Vinci

Tom Norton Walnut Drawing Ink is made with artist-grade pigment that is lightfast and acid-free so it will not fade over time or harm your paper like ink made from actual walnuts. 

Genuine walnut ink is highly acidic and actually eats the paper over time.

This ink is water-soluble so you can apply layer after layer to darken an area or lift with a wet brush or damp rag to lighten or remove areas on your painting. 

Walnut Darkening Medium can be used by itself as a rich, intense dark walnut brown ink or mixed with our original ink to make it even richer and darker without affecting its water-soluble feature.

Walnut Drawing Ink has a full, warm colour that looks great with either a pen or brush and is very lightfast.

Product of USA.