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Turned Wood Oblique Holder

  • HK$320.00
  • This wooden oblique penholder has a finely tapered shaft and a teardrop finial.
  • Each penholder includes 2 different sized brass inserts to fit different sized nibs. For example, the standard sized flange can fit nibs like Nikko G, Hunt 101 and Brause Steno 361 Blue Pumpkin nibs. The smaller sized flange can fit nibs like Brause 66EF nib which is a very tiny nib. (The small-sized flange is not shown in photo)
  • Holder length is approximately 17cm.
  • Handmade in Australia.
  • This price is for ONE holder only, you will receive one oblique pen holder, one standard-sized flange and one smaller-sized flange, instructions included.
  • Nibs are NOT included.
  • Due to the nature of wood, wood colours and patterns may vary from pen to pen and look different from photos.
  • Also available in straight holders.

To give you a rough idea:

  • Darker Brown - Jarrah, Red Gum
  • Med Brown - Tasmania Myrtle, Mulberry
  • Lighter Brown - Beech


    Please note, the flange and holder are sold as a set, the flange cannot be purchased separately.

    • Buloke/Bull Oak 木麻黃樹
    • Myrtle 香桃木,又稱桃金娘
    • Red Gum 紅桉
    • Jarrah 紅木,又稱血檀 
    • Tasmania Huon Pine 淚柏,又稱紅豆杉
    • Alder 榿木 
    • Elm 榆木 
    • Oak 橡木  
    • Mountain Ash 花楸,又稱山梨
    • Mulberry 桑木 
    • Blackwood 黑相思木 
    • Osage Orange 桑橙木 
    • Beech  櫸木