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Workshops Overview & Timetable

Traditional Copperplate for Beginners

銅版體Copperplate是西洋書法常見的風格之一,起源自十八世紀的歐洲。銅版體圓潤且線條優美,多年來在書法界享負盛名,歷久不衰。用傳統沾水筆Dip Pen配合筆尖和墨水書寫,線條幼細,高貴大方。 

課程分為小階和大階,建議初學者應該循序漸進,先學習小階,然後大階。熟練後可報讀Copperplate Flourishing字體裝飾課程。

COPPERPLATE is undoubtedly one of the most popular styles among all the scripts - very versatile and beautiful too. For students who have not tried the Copperplate style before (or are absolute beginners), you will find this the most beautiful and useful of all calligraphic styles.

📌 銅版體小階 Lowercase 課程 (基礎班) 


📌 銅版體大階 Uppercase 課程 (基礎班)




Copperplate Flourishing


學會銅版體小階和大階後,當然少不了會加裝飾線Flourishing。適當的加上裝飾花體字,可令簡單樸素的書法字體變得更優美,大大提高視覺效果;倘若胡亂添加,則容易造成喧賓奪主。建議報讀「Copperplate Flourishing 字體裝飾」課程的同學應先對沾水筆銅版體小階和大階有基本認識。


Are you ready to take your Copperplate calligraphy to the next level? Flourishing is an elegant way to enhance your letterforms but it can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning with no instructions. However, once you break it down and learn a few rules, it's much easier than you think.

📌 Copperplate Flourishing 小階 Lowercase 課程(進階班)


📌 Copperplate Flourishing 大階 Uppercase 課程(進階班)




Italic Calligraphy 


Italic 意大利斜體(又名義大利體),具有古典美和立體感,在文藝復興時期興起。因為它的書寫特徵,曲線優美而且易讀,在當時大大提高書寫效率,傳遍歐洲。


Italic script, also known as "Chancery Cursive," is one of the most popular styles used in western calligraphy. Italic is an elegant and classy script that every calligrapher’s must have.

📌 Italic 小階 Lowercase 課程(基礎班)


📌 Italic 大階 Uppercase 課程(基礎班)

  • 有待公佈


📌 Italic Flourishing 字體裝飾課程



  • 有待公佈




Brush Lettering


Brush Lettering是近年流行的風格之一,色彩繽紛,靈活多變,容易上手。

A great workshop for anyone interested in creative brush lettering, especially for beginners. A pointed brush is a fantastic tool to get comfortable with. 

📌 Brush Lettering 大小階課程(基礎班)


📌 Brush Lettering Flourishing 大小階字體裝飾 (進階班)

  • 有待公佈




Dip Pen Calligraphy Practice Class



This workshop helps to refine your letters but also provides an in-depth review of the basics, with an emphasis on improving skills, exploring letter connections and spacing. No matter you have just started or been doing calligraphy for years, you can always brush up your calligraphy skills. This class is about looking at fine details and the essential components of the Copperplate script, and also to develop the ability to fine-tuned your letterforms through practice and self-critique.

詳細課程內容請按此 Find out more...




The Art of Illumination



Dates back to the early fifth century and continued into the Middle Ages, when scribes, monks, and other artists used richly coloured pigments as well as gold and silver leaf to decorate the pages of books and Bibles. The glittering materials used were said to "light up" or illumine the text.

📌 Raised Gilding for Beginners

  • 已於3月份開課


📌 Flat Gilding for Beginners

  • 有待公佈




Offhand Flourishing for Beginners

全臂動沾水筆花鳥繪飾 – 基礎入門班

Offhand Flourishing 擁有豐富多樣的歷史。這類描繪的繪畫風格可以追溯到 19 世紀的北美和歐洲早期。從動物到神獸再到天使的標本都是以這種風格繪製的。

Offhand Flourishing has a rich and diverse history. The style of drawing depicted in this book has a lineage that goes back to the 19th century in North America and prior to that in Europe. Specimens ranging from animals to mythical beasts to angels were drawn in this style.

📌 Offhand Flourishing 全臂動沾水筆花鳥繪飾 (基礎班)

  • 已於5月初開課


📌 Offhand Flourishing 全臂動沾水筆花鳥繪飾 (進階班)

  • 有待公佈




Contemporary Pointed Pen


Contemporary Pointed Pen 又名 Modern Calligraphy,利用沾水筆Dip Pen書寫,規矩比起傳統的銅版體較為簡單,靈活多變。

A pointed nib is not only for Copperplate Calligraphy! This workshop explores the casual, fun and playful side of pointed pen lettering using a dip pen.

📌 Contemporary Pointed Pen for Beginners (基礎班)

  • 30th of July (SUN) 10:30am - 1:30pm


📌 Contemporary Pointed Pen Flourishing (進階班)

  • 有待公佈





  • 西洋書法又稱英文書法,英文稱作Western Calligraphy或者English Calligraphy。
  • 小階(又稱小草或小寫),小階的英文是Minuscule。但現在大部份人用Lowercase 代替。
  • 大階(又稱大草或大寫),大階的英文是Majuscule,又稱 Capitals。但現在大部份人用Uppercase 代替。
  • Flourishing的中文稱號有很多,比如字體裝飾、花體字、拉花、隨手繁榮等等。



  • 西洋書法字體款式眾多,簡單可分為兩類:點尖 (pointed pen) 和平尖 (broad pen)。
  • 點尖字體包括:銅版體 (Copperplate)、史賓賽體 (Spencerian) 和現代體 (Contemporary Pointed Pen 又稱 Modern Calligraphy)。
  • 平尖字體包括:意大利斜體 (Italic)、 歌德體 (Gothic)、安瑟爾體 (Uncial)、 加洛林 (Carolingian) 和羅馬體 (Roman)等等。
  • 當然每個人的審美觀會有所不同,初學者可順著個人喜好,先選擇一款字體開始。但不論任何字體,基本上都是先從小階 (Lowercase) 開始,然後大階 (Uppercase/Capitals),連字/簡單詞語/句字 (short phrases),接著學習字體裝飾 (Flourishing)。
  • 如果真的抉擇不到,會建議先學習意大利斜體 (Italic) 或銅版體 (Copperplate)。





    • 3至5人一班,真正小班教學。
    • 上課地點位於長沙灣,港鐵站C1出口步行一分鐘到達。鄰近青山道和元州邨,交通便利。
    • 本店創辦人Cyrus老師1997年開始接觸西洋書法。後到澳洲求學,在墨爾本居住了20年,其間積極參與當地書法講座和向多位世界知名書法家求學。曾在澳洲、塞爾維亞、香港等地參與多個美術團體畫展。2014年創辦Not Just A Card (Australia),開始在澳洲推廣西洋書法,2019年在墨爾本東南區開設西洋書法地舖實體店。 
    • 歡迎 email 或 WhatsApp 9518 4065 查詢,亦可親臨長沙灣工作室。