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Removable Ink Reservoir

  • HK$65.00
  • This removable ink reservoir stores up to 4 times more ink than the nib alone. It allows you to write or flourish much longer before re-dipping.
  • The removable ink reservoir is made from stainless steel and combines with a strong magnet.
  • The removable ink reservoir comes with 2 sizes.
  • The large size is designed for standard nibs, like: Nikko G, Zebra G, Gillott 404, Gillott 303, Brause Steno 361 Blue Pumpkin, Hiro Leonardt 40 Blue Pumpkin, Hiro 700, Hunt 101, Leonardt Principal EF, and similar nibs.
  • The small size reservoir is designed for smaller nibs, like: Brause 66EF.
  • Simply attach it onto the back of the nib, underneath the vent hole.
  • Don't forget to clean and dry the spring and magnet after each use to prolong their life.
  • The price is for the removable ink reservoir only. Nibs are not included.