SOAP Ink Stirrer - 2nd Edition

SOAP Ink Stirrer

  • The world’s first portable magnetic stirrer made for calligraphers. This stirrer operates on 2 X AAA batteries and will power machine for about 10 hours.
  • This 2nd version of Soap has a much stronger spinning speed, which increases from 600-900 rpm to 600-2400 rpm. It will be able to stir the thick ink better than the 1st batch.
  • Each stirrer comes in a gift box and includes 1 glass bottle, 2 stir bars (one large and one small), and a velvet travelling pouch (colour varies).
  • Please use good brand and new batteries, eg. Energizer batteries.


Please note

  • You can use other jars, as long as the base is 'flat', for example, Dr. Ph. Martin's jars fit well with this stirrer. Our glass jars, both 30ml and 60ml fit well as well. Nalgene jars are good too.


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